Partnership with Gustavus Adolphus College Announced

Gustavus logoThe Center for Worship & Music Studies is moving into an exciting new partnership with Gustavus Adolphus College. With the full support of the Chaplain’s Office, Church Relations, and the Department of Music, it will now be possible for Gustavus students to complete The Center’s Certificate in Worship & Music Leadership on campus. Funding has been secured to provide scholarships for students to enroll this fall in Worship 101, one of The Center’s core classes.

Jay Beech, Executive Director of The Center for Worship & Music Studies said, “This unique partnership will equip these gifted young adults for thoughtful and vibrant music ministry in a wide variety of settings. We are excited and honored to work with Gustavus in this important and innovative venture.”

“This partnership is valuable in so many ways for the vocational, musical, and faith development of our students,” said Dr. Chad Winterfeldt, Cantor of Christ Chapel and music department faculty member. “Through the offerings of The Center, students will learn from mentors who are active in a variety of music ministry settings and will enrich the worship life on campus through practical application of new skills and ideas.  Combined with the breadth of academic and musical experiences Gustavus offers, this is a remarkable opportunity for our students.”

Both Beech and Winterfeldt are instructors for classes offered by The Center, including Worship 101 and Leading Congregational Singing, the latter being a one-day intensive class that will be held on the Gustavus campus November 21st.  

Gustavus students wishing to apply for a scholarship should contact Dr. Winterfeldt in the Chaplain’s Office at (507) 933-7447 or