Mission Statement


The mission of The Center for Worship & Music Studies is:

  • to prepare musicians and others for planning and leading thoughtful and vibrant worship;
  • to equip them to teach and mentor others;
  • to train and support them in guiding their communities in the discernment of their worship practices.


Students can enroll in individual classes or complete a curriculum for certification both through face-to-face and distance learning. Instruction will include:

  • Biblical, theological, and worship studies;
  • Developing and improving skills through direct instruction and contextual learning in the areas of management, worship leadership, and musical ability, both personal and for directing choirs, bands, and other ensembles;
  • Expanding awareness of repertoire and increasing capacity in multiple musical genres;
  • Providing training in current and new worship-related technologies;
  • Creating an online network for sharing experiences, resources, and ideas.


Core Values

  • We believe that when God’s people are gathered together around word and sacrament they proclaim that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus was the ultimate expression of God’s grace, which continues to transform the world and the lives of all believers.
  • We affirm the importance of imagination and creativity that make worship innovative and meaningful in every time and culture.
  • We recognize the authenticity of a wide range of worship expressions and welcome the uniqueness of worshipping communities around the world as an expression of both the diversity and the unity we share in Christ.
  • We know that Christian worship must not simply reflect the culture in which it lives, but also critique it, thereby expressing God’s prophetic call to work for peace, justice, and mercy.
  • We are confident that musical abilities of all kinds are gifts from God and can be appropriate in Christian worship.
  • We assert that the fundamental role of worship-leading musicians is to engage and support the voices of those gathered, acting as servants of their communities and not primarily as performers.
  • We trust that it is God’s Spirit who gathers us together into worshipping communities for faith formation and mission in every generation.
  • We are rooted in the Lutheran tradition while engaging with, and valuing, a broad ecumenical perspective.

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