Liturgies of Mercy Seat

Teacher – Scott Munson (& other Mercy Seat musicians)
Half-day intensive 

Mercy Seat is a new ELCA congregation in Northeast Minneapolis with a unique and creative approach to worship. Their website says

“As part of Mercy Seat’s mission to rethink the Lutheran Church, we believe that the Church’s long liturgical tradition is a way in which we–as just one community–fit into two thousand years of worshiping Christ and celebrating redemption. We also have committed to taking that tradition into our lives and living inside it. For this reason, we commission musicians to set the liturgy to music. Whether it be jazz, alt-country, 60s pop, or soul, our services are continually re-imagining the ways in which the ancient words of our liturgy can work in our lives.”

During the class, we will hear from church leaders and composers about the ministry values and priorities of Mercy Seat, how they engage with local artists, and learn several of the liturgies.

Cost – tangledblue$50
Bring as many people from your church as you wish. However, each person wishing to use the class as credit towards our Certificate in Worship & Music Leadership must enroll individually.
Continuing education contact hours – 3
Fulfills one certification elective requirement for Repertoire Studies

June 24th, 1:00-4:00   Register
Grace Center (map)
1500 – 6th St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Scott_MunsonScott Munson is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Scott engineers and produces commercial, film, and independent music out of his own Blacktop Studio. He is a member of the indie rock outfit The Small Cities, helps make soul music as part of Gospel Machine, and plays shows under his own name as well. Scott serves as Liturgical Coordinator for Mercy Seat.