Leadership & Management 101

Three-day intensive with distance learning option
Teachers – Jay Beech, Mary Kay DuChene, Ralph JohnsonDaniel Wolpert, Susan Miller, Susan Nienaber, Deborah Samuelson, & Dain Swanson

SusanN_teaching-1There are a great variety of skills that leaders need to develop to successfully administer a worship and music program in a congregation. Students in this course will study the many important aspects of leadership and management that have little to do with musical skill or theological competency.

Cost – $500

Fulfills certification requirement for Program & Administration
Continuing education contact hours – 16

February 6-8, 2017 (Monday & Tuesday 9:00-4:00; Wednesday 8:30-12:30) Register
Minnesota Church Center (map)
122 W Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Mary Kay DuChene Fundamentals of Leadership
Mary Kay_cropped Mary Kay’s background in the corporate world and her commitment to the church uniquely qualify her to help students explore the basics of leadership. She will describe the skills and qualities one needs to develop to be an effective leader in a congregational setting.
Dain Swanson Working with Ensembles & Volunteers
Worship leaders are not only responsible for planning meaningful services, but also for coordinating volunteers, organizing rehearsals, and working with different age groups. This class will help prepare students to approach these sometimes daunting tasks with confidence, humility, clarity, and good humor.
Daniel Wolpert Spiritual Practices
dan-wolpert_crpd Faith formation and encouragement can happen in rehearsal and small group settings. Ken Medema, composer of the well-known song, “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying,” will present on the importance of prayer and other spiritual practices via live videoconference. The private devotional life of musicians and other leaders will also be addressed.
Susan Nienaber Conflict Management & Resolution
The unity of the Christian church may be a gift, as Bonfoeffer said, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t conflict. Susan Nienaber is an experienced specialist is this complex process who will teach specific skills to students, and help them better understand how to manage conflict within their communities of faith.
Jay Beech Budgeting & Time Management
For most congregational worship and/or music programs, there is a pretty limited amount of money available. Nonetheless, thoughtful preparation of a budget is an important annual task. How to manage one’s time, especially in part-time positions, is equally important. Jay will present ideas for how to navigate both successfully.
Debra Samuelson
& Ralph Johnson
The Pastor/Musician Relationship

Deborah and Ralph work together planning and leading worship at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Minneapolis, MN. They will discuss the complexities of the pastor/musician relationship, and describe ways to nurture healthy and creative collegiality and teamwork.
Susan Miller Maintaining Professional Boundaries
Susan Miller_cropped In recent years, churches have come to realize how critical it is for staff to maintain appropriate professional boundaries. This can be challenging considering the church’s emphasis on developing loving, personal relationships. Although most clergy receive training in this area, many church lay staff do not. Susan will help the class understand the primary issues involved, and recommend ways to develop helpful guidelines and practices.
Jay Beech Discernment & Development of Worship Practices
Most church musicians and worship planners have all that they can do just being ready for worship each week. Jay will describe ways in which leaders can step back and guide their congregations in the discernment of their worship practices, and adopt a long-term approach to worship education and development.