Leadership & Management 101 – NEW!

Agora Img-1Church work would be so much easier if you didn’t actually have to deal with people, wouldn’t it? (I suspect that God has had this same thought a time or two). However, working effectively with God’s people is essential to success in ministry. That requires skills that not all of us come by naturally.

In addition to several electives, our Certificate in Worship & Music Leadership includes two major core classes: Worship 101, and a class we are offering for first time, Leadership & Management 101. In this new class, eight outstanding and experienced teachers will present on topics  that are mostly “unmusical.” These are the areas where your musical skills and theological chops are of little help.

This three-day intensive at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN, will cover these important topics:

Please join us April 18-20 and bring your leadership and management skills to the next level!

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