Continuing Education

We think it’s critically important for everyone in ministry to continue to learn and grow, expanding both their knowledge and skill sets. Taking advantage of new learning opportunities can also be very energizing, providing a benefit to the learner and to the communities they serve.

learnerMost ELCA congregations provide some continuing education funds for full-time staff and rostered leaders. Nine ELCA synods* have, in fact, qualified our class offerings for continuing ed credit hours for rostered leaders.

But what about all those gifted people who serve their congregations on an avocational basis, either part-time or as volunteers? Few congregations have money in their budgets to support learning and development for these folks.

Is your church willing to make a wonderful investment in the depth and quality its worship life? Encourage your worship planners and musicians to study with us and give them some financial support. Whether they take a single class or pursue our Certificate in Worship & Music Leadership, your congregation will realize a great benefit for a very modest investment.

*ELCA Synods that have pre-qualified our classes for continuing education credit hours are:

  • Greater Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis Area
  • Northeastern Minnesota
  • Northwest Synod of Wisconsin
  • Northwestern Minnesota
  • South Dakota
  • Southwestern Minnesota
  • Southeastern Minnesota
  • Western North Dakota