A Message from The Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in the work of The Center for Worship and Music Studies. We are grateful for the many students, instructors, donors, supporters, and partner organizations that helped this ministry thrive during these past three and a half years.

Beginning May 1, 2017, The Center for Worship and Music Studies will pause active operations and enter into a period of evaluation and reflection for future programming. The Board of Directors recognizes that, sadly, our current levels of enrollment and philanthropic support are inadequate to sustain continued operations under our current model. We will take this pause in programming for an undetermined length of time as the Board prayerfully considers options for the future.

We are so appreciative of the vision and creative work done by our Executive Director, Jay Beech, as well as the excellent contributions of our Administrative Assistant, Sarah Malm. We continue to believe that this ministry is vitally important in its support of those doing the ongoing work around worship and music in our congregations.

During this time, the Board invites the input of any and all who would like to see the work of The Center continue. Some online conversation will be initiated through our website – worshipandmusic.org. You can also share your ideas about how The Center for Worship & Music Studies could best support worship and music leaders through new or alternative models of program delivery, specific class offerings, consulting services, creating worship resources, etc. Please send these ideas to [email protected]

After April 30th, Jay will continue to be available independently as a teacher, presenter, consultant, and worship leader, and can be reached at [email protected]

We hope that, together, we can imagine new possibilities and partner with others who are passionate about this work. Again, we want to express thanks and appreciation for your interest.


Board Members

Rev. Kelly Chatman

Rev. Dr. John Christopherson

Rev. Dr. Rollie Martinson

Rev. Dr. Dee Pederson, President

Rev. Dr.  Mark Ramseth, Secretary

Bishop Ann Svennungsen

Janet Thompson, Treasurer

Anita Young